Sunday, February 28, 2010

Episode 7 - Warsteiner's Premium Dunkel

As I’d said, this is a beer rich with flavor
Let’s review: The Dunkel has a good scent to it, with plenty of esters and malt coming to the fore of the nose. The smell of banana was surprisingly not prophetic in taste, but still very nice as a part of the total package.

Appearance itself yielded no head, but from what I could tell of the foam rising off of the carbonation, any head would have been a clean sharp white. The color is a dark red dipping into brown almost glowing at the edges.

The taste yielded malts as predicted but no banana. Oh, it was pleasantly sweet – just a little sweetness balanced out by very little bitterness. I easily could taste caramel among the multiple flavors, but there was much here that I could taste, but wasn’t able to discern. I’m still working out my palate.

Mouth feel was crisp and sharp, with a good dose of carbonation. Swallowing held a different sensation, though – just a little stickiness as one could expect from a bottle of soda.

This is a highly recommended beer, especially if you’re starting to move into the darker range of drinks. It’s a good medium taste and body, and really just a great all around package. I really feel like this drink would to the best work when paired with a food, particularly something charred. It tastes like it would be well suited to hanging out with a beef dish and a starch side.

Really, though, a very good drink. Thanks for watching, and remember to keep the cap!

Postscript: Hah! So, I managed to get a head on this bastard. Don't screw around with tilting the glass when pouring. Just hold updright and turn the bottle in. This produces a light creamy head that dissipates quickly leaving a white rim of bubbles.


  1. I think you said September 28th on the video. This is one of the beers that you'd find at my house. I played this for my mom, she's happy you like her beer.

  2. We've been missing your posts for the last couple of weeks.

  3. I think so it is on september, but I dont like beer test.
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